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Dear Eurosun,
I`m sure every single kid leaving home you offer that looks like a lady bug with spots and colorful both inside and outside would arrive home as an individual proud of moving  forward in life more and more with each passing hour, day and week,  more happy about him/herself and completely spoilt with love just like my daughter, Hira.  As parents of Hira,   we are thankful that you are involved in her beautiful life we started together and we appreciate your contribution…
Sukran Ertas

Dear Seba teacher,
Last night, Efe helped me a lot in the kitchen.  He set dinner table on his own and he had his dinner nicely. He cleared the table after dinner, he vacuum cleaned everywhere.
He set a very nice play for himself after dinner. At 9 pm we went up to his bedroom and we read two stories. I just wanted to share with you. We all love Efe so much and we are thankful to him. We thank you too for everything what you taught him.
Best Regards
Sumbul Yavuz

Dear Mr. Serda
Hello.  Mert  makes a German exam in evenings when I arrive home from work.  As expected, I struggle to answer some questions since I studied German 12 years ago. I think I will have to find my old notes and study because of Mert J
Thanks for adding photographs to your website.  Day care center where I saw Mert before was not a day care center but it was more like a monastery. They did not show us indoors and we did not receive any single information about our kids` activities. Therefore,  I appreciate this transparency with the effect of previous experiences.
Thanks to everybody, to all teachers.
Senda (Ertan Mert`s mother)

Festivals should be celebrated with dollops of enthusiasm… Instilling this enthusiasm to our children is possible first within the family and then at schools… I am thankful as a parent who is aware of your efforts for years and I still believe that all your efforts will make a comeback and schools with your mentality will create a generation  protecting own values and never giving up on this enthusiasm….
Thanks and Happy Bayram..
Arzu Mert



Dear parents,

Herewith a brief report of our visit to the orphanage in Bolluca.
First of all many thanks for the wonderful gifts you sent to the boys and girls in the orphanage, it was really greatly appreciated.

The Bolluca orphanage (here known as SOS Cocuk koyleri which is the translation for SOS Children's Villages or SOS Kinderdorf) is situated in Istanbul - Arnavutkoy, about a 30-40 minute drive from our school.
The Tuesday before the New year's celebration we were off to Bolluca, with a schoolbus full of presents, some voluntary parents (thanks for your time!!!) some students from our location in Beylikduzu and another couple from Eurosun Ispartakule as well as one of our English teachers and ofcourse the founders of Eurosun, Serda and his wife Sevda.
We started our trip to Bolluca playing games with our students, singing songs, but as we were coming closer to the place of destination we got more and more quiet, all thinking how lucky we are, as parents seeing our own children growing up and... how lucky our children are, to have parents who love them and care for them...
At arrival we were welcomed by a lovely woman, who took us to the main entrance and guestroom of the children's village, where she explained us some more about the village. We were all pleasantly surprised to see the neat, well organised site, with 12 small villa's surrounded by some small gardens. You could find this information at http://www.sos-childrensvillages.org/What-we-do

We were invited in to one of the houses, and as the foster mother had expected us to come, she had prepared some wonderful dishes for our students. While we were having something to eat, the 'woman' or 'mother' of the house explained us more about her life at the orphanage. About the children and especially about the 8 children that she is taking care of and that she has grown to love as if they were her own. She told us that the children are free to call her 'teyze' which is Turkish for 'aunt' and which is used to call 'older women' than yourself with, however, some children prefer to call her 'anne'... which is Turkish for mum.. When I asked her if there was something that she needed she said she would really like to have a fruit press, so 'her' children would get enough vitamins... It nearly brought me to tears, this young lady was obviously caring so much about 'her' children, this organisation must be doing good work, which we were (again) ensured of after we got a tour through the house, clean, spaceous bedrooms and bathrooms. When it was time for us to leave, the children just got back from school for lunch, some came over to us to shake our hands others called out an 'afiyet olsun' to their friends living in other villa's, in order to wish them a good appetite.. I wish them a safe and secure future in the sos children's village which can only be made possible by donations, that has to be said...

On the way back to school we were even more quiet than on our way towards the village... Our minds were spinning, what can be done to make life better and more pleasant for those children... Have you got any ideas???

Neither a toy nor a playground is the answer of the question “What is the best thing that makes a kid happy? .  what s/he wants is a warm home to go with his/her toy when s/he is bored of the playground.  All s/he wants is to have some food, leave all fears outside, and his/her mother’s voice asking him/her to wash hands after school with a sincere smile.  S/he would like to embrace that voice,  be able to run to that voice while crying and see a couple of eyes with worried looks as if it was herself who is hurt when s/he is hurt.
I saw that face, eyes, voice and worries in Bolluca Children`s Village, home of children under protection. I saw there, in that place where I believe, those little hearts who started life1-0 defeated are now happy and I saw it in the eyes welcoming them with love.  How nice it is to hear that someone starts every sentence saying `my child` while talking to you.  How much you miss to hear this time by time even at this age.  In that village, I heard that voice today in any of the children`s houses.  I saw how those children were made equal and how nice they see things despite the fact that they started their lives under unequal and unfair conditions when compared with other children. I did not see anything different with them when compared with my own children.  Today, I saw in their eyes that they do not feel any different in that village.
Think about it; you come home from school, your house is so warm. Your mum prepared nice food for you, it smells very nice.  Your brothers or sisters are about to arrive and you will sit and eat all together.  Then you will play some games, do some homework and watch television for a while. And occasional arguments, minor discussions between brothers and sisters… It is fine, they are so very happy in this place. Because they are in their own houses, own rooms and own bed; together with their sisters and brothers and mothers.  How ordinary events  they are for our children, aren`t they? In fact all of these are a gift for children in this village.  They know they are safe and loved, they are happy…
However,  it is still difficult for children of this village despite all these nice things.  They need support.  Only support they receive would be your warm and kind hands because government support is very limited.   They need food, clothes for their homes, educational support and they need you to embrace and never forget them.  Whatever you can do , whatever you would give from your heart.  One of the best supports would be monetary aid.  Amount of the aid is not important, less or more, it does not matter.  The important thing is continuity and sincere guarantee of taking them under your wings.  Moreover, there are various alternatives of aid. They will have the chance to be happier and more successful in life while growing in this village where aids provide an environment free from distress, cold and full of happiness and love.  They also have right to all as much as your own children do, don`t they? To being embraced and loved.
Happiness is so easy to find but sometimes it is so hard to achieve for us, for people. So how do you make yourself happy?  You would be happy if your children were happy, wouldn`t you?  They are your children, they are children of us all.  So stop searching for happiness somewhere else. Happiness is at their beautiful faces, happily shining eyes.  Even if you give even one tenth of the things you happily give to your own children, it  will still be valued so much by them.
The only thing I can say is that  you should come and see children in the village.  I know you will understand better what I am trying to tell.  This village should always be there.  More houses should be  built in the village.  New villages should be established.  More children should feel safe, happy and loved.
Let`s think what can be done to make things easier for them? I am sure you can find so many things you can do and give from your heart.  Be sure that you will achieve the happiness and peace you need by  providing support to them.  
Figen Palabiyik


Dear Eurosun Family,
Mr. Serda
To be honest, I had doubts about how you will succeed when you put German into curriculum in addition to English. Bu I was wrong.  Derin sings German songs very nice and she loves doing that just like she does with Turkish and English songs, I thank particularly Diana and Nilufer teacher and all other teachers for that.  If you click links below, you can listen to German songs of Derin.  I think Diana teacher would be happy to hear and see that her efforts are not for nothing. She sings two- three others songs apart from those but I could find the time to upload them to YouTube.
Have a nice day
Bahar Guntekin


Assoc. Prof.Dr. Bahar Guntekin
Wonderful pictures Mr. Serda. You and your team are amazing people.  To be honest, I was in doubts before I enrolled Efe to your school… But now my child is so happy and he loves you all.  How do I know that? I know it when he looks at me and says `bye bye mother` when he sits on a chair to change shoes… Thank you so much.. for making the most precious thing in my life happy… This cannot be paid back, nothing would be the measure of it…
Best Regards
Tugba Gunay


Oh Dear Lord! What is this? Think about it, one of the parents comes to Eurosun with the intent of enrolling his/her child… And Mr. Serda opens the door in a vampire costumeJ) What a shocker.
We love you so much dear Eurosun family…
Always stay the same…
Ozge Bozdogan


Mr. Serda
It has been a really nice party. It is very obvious that children became very happy.  But you are so scary, and you posed in all pictures making the best of your outfit and make-up, never smiling and very serious.
Bahar Guntekin

Istanbul Kültür University,
Brain Dynamics, Cognition and Complex
Systems Research Center


Before starting, I would like to tell something;  2 weeks ago, when Rafet came back to home after taking girls to school, he said  that her teacher told Ada to be quiet. She was singing loud during class. She opened up once, now she will stretch the point J))
What a happiness, what a jumping, then I turned around and saw weird looks of people in the company.
They said Mrs. Nursel, what are you doing? They said when his/her teacher say such a thing to our child , we talk with him/her for almost an hour at home but you will almost belly dance. I said dear friends, it is festival today!!!
Ece, the princess made me so happy this year. She likes her school and teachers a lot. We experienced some problems since it was a new environment. There were so many missing things.  There is still a lot but her teacher is very  nice and this is the most important thing at this stage. I knew Ece would be successful on her first year without making me tired.  Because I knew that discipline, responsibility, patience, sharing and many different things you taught her would have a great role in this.  And believe me, I arrive home at 7 pm in the evenings. When I arrive, all home works would be done and  they would be ready for me to check.  Would there be any other mother happier than me? I hope she continues with her life with the same level of awareness. 
I am sure all children who finished Eurosun continue their education with the same level of success. We thank you so much for this.
I will mention your offer to Ece. I`m sure she will be very excited.  We will definitely come to read stories for her little brothers and sisters when she feels herself ready.  Who knows, may be Ada would like to singJ))
Best Regards
Nursen K. UYANIK


Oh DearJ))
How cute our little ones look, and how scary you, adults, are… Especially you Mr. Serdar, you would easily  feature in a horror movieJ
Thanks for this delightful sharing, we wish it to be continued… You know, we need pictures when cameras do not work..


Wish I was a child, wish I was introduced to life in Eurosan.  My child is very lucky to be with you, I thank you all.



Hello, Mr. Serdar,
Ece will start ……… We did not meet her teacher yet. We will meet after Bayram. A new excitement is waiting for us.
By the way, Ece will have an operation for adenoid.  Hopefully, we will sort it out before school starts.
A few days ago she told me that she wants so much to start elementary school but her mind is always with Eurosun… We told you to open a school J)) It would be really nice.
We planned that Ada would start school after Bayram.
They had a nice holiday. Now, we are preparing for winter L
By the way, today I visited your website.  It is very nice. I loved it.  And we watched DVD of the show.. It is  unbelievably nice… We will miss you when Ada starts elementary school.  Thanks to Allah, we have another daughter so we can be together for another year.
Hope to see you soon and I wish you  and all teachers a nice bayram.
Nursen K.


Hello. First of all, I would like to start by expressing my thanks to Mrs. Sevda and Mr. Serda. I have been very happy that they let me experience such a nice day. It was a very nice feeling to go to children`s village in Bolluca. Especially when education and orphanage are involved,  I will always be there for them as their sister supporting such social projects.  Ms. Sevim, principal,  made us think what a nice place it is as soon as we walk in and see her smiling face and bright looks.  As our school`s principal, Mrs. Sevda told me, those children are lucky ones out of unlucky children. It is really difficult to be without parents. I hope Allah never makes anybody fall apart from their parents.  But, at least,  those children had their mother, Figen in the house we visited. She is very sweet, very skilled woman.  She welcomed us very nice.  The person who calls those children `my children` was just like their own mother.  I had a very overwhelming and special day.  Thanks again.  Mrs. Sevda and Mr. Serda, please be aware that I will always be there for you in such special social projects even after our daughter is graduated from your school.  I wish a bright and lovely day for you all.
Ozgul Aydemir


Hello Mr. Serdar,
I really wonder with what environment and education methods you managed to make Alper love your school.  If you can believe it, last Saturday,  Alper insisted on going to school on Saturday and Sunday too,saying why there is no school today… why is it holiday… Our son, we previously struggled to send to school (another day care) now wants to go to school 7 days of the week.
He is extremely happy and pleased with his  teacher and friends. Same goes for the school service. He is very happy about school service as well.
Alper being extremely happy at your school made us very happy as well.
You, all management , teachers and staff of your school.
Financial Advisor


I celebrate your National Independence and Children`s Day, and thank you for organizing a nice day for our children on behalf of our family.
Suzan-Cengiz Bilgin

Dear Mr. Serda and all those who contribute to the Eurosun Preschools,
I was incredibly impressed with the attention you have paid for 10th November. Maybe such works have been also carried out in many educational institutions but Eurosun has organized this so deeply and so sensitively that I would like to convey thousands of thanks all the team and all those who have contributed to this organization. We should be aware of the things that we need to make them remember during such a period when we try to do our best to ensure that our children receive the best education under the best conditions. We have thanked to our school that has contributed to such an event, while my 2,5 year-old twins were trying to read poems to us and to utter the name of Ataturk.
I am very glad to have chosen your school and so comfortable for my children to receive their education in such an educational institution.


Thank you for making us feel like this on the 68th anniversary of Ataturk’s death on my own behalf and on behalf of my all sensitive friends.
I am once again pleased with, and proud of, having chosen the Eurosun preschool. It was an honor to see, as a member of Ataturk’s youth, that my child is also brought up in this way.
Thank you and all those who have contributed to such an event.


Hi Eurosun Team,

Thank you for the weekend assignments that you have given. I was a little bit anxious about whether I can make her/him do his/her homework. However, as soon as the children saw the work sheets, the very first question they asked was “Well, what are we going to do now? Paint it?” and then they completed the homework by continuously asking “what’s now? What’s now?”. I thought that they have been held a little bit more accountable for the homework given to them this week because one of my children has painted the places where s/he should not paint actually. When I warned him/her, he asked “Mummy, are we going to submit this homework to the teacher?”. And when s/he got the answer as a “yes”, with a crying tone he replied me back: “Let’s not give it mummy”.
I thought that they are too young for this kind of responsibility but it turns out to be wrong.
Thank you for all your care,

Ebru Turhan


We would like to thank all the Eurosun personnel and administrative staff on behalf of us and our unique daughter, Aysu Selin, for the emphasis you place on the quality of education and your self-devotion for preparing the students for life. 
Of course, we would like to convey our thanks especially to the teacher Saime. She has always been positive not only towards our daughter but also towards us.
The happiness my daughter feels while going to school every morning has added power to our working performance. It would be ingratitude to be displeased with an environment where my child has not complained about even a little thing. 
We wish that the smiles on the faces of all the personnel will continue to be so for a lifetime, and we wish you success for your future working life.




The first reason to choose the Eurosun was that it was advised by friend. I trusted my friend in that and I have seen very closely that this trust was not wasted over time. Thanks to the warm care and love of all the teachers and school servants, I have found a second home where I can entrust my child without worrying. The quality of education and training has ensured my continued satisfaction.
Now, I can also recommend the Eurosun comfortably to everyone.



Dear Eurosun,
We would like to address you as the foregoing because you are valuable as a whole with you, your company founder, manager, teachers, sisters and aunts. Thank you for ensuring that we can entrust our children in confidence to you without worrying about them by embracing them with love and compassion, during a period when they need most of their parent’s love and care.
You have told on the very first day that the teacher Mrs. Hatice is the “angel of our school” and you have turned out to be right. We would like to convey many thanks to our dear teacher for her love, care, gentleness, patience and well-preparing our child for the primary education.
Endless thanks.

Asuman-Yakup GÜLHAN



We have been with Eurosun Preschool family for two years. We, I and my spouse, are very pleased with your preschool. Of course, however, who is especially pleased with you is our son, Görkem. We have tried our best to deliver the family education to our son.
He has received all the other information from your school and the teachers at your school. We believe that five and six age is the period for children to receive healthy information. For our son, these periods were spent to the full extent. Especially, your foods have been awesome for our son.
Thank you, the teacher Hatice
Thank you, the teacher Saime
Thank you, Mrs. Handan
Thank you, Mrs. Sevda
Thank you, the personnel of the dining hall
Thank you for everything, Eurosun; we are so glad to have you!


I congratulate the Private Sun Preschool family that adopts it as a principle to bring up the children of the future, who are confident in themselves, aim to stand on their own feet, think that they can do anything, when they want, are respectful to themselves and their environment, and I wish you will continue this principle. If only my child could continue his/her education life with you.  Please, try to achieve this goal as soon as possible.

I also congratulate the success of dear teachers. First, Mrs. Hatice and then Mrs. Saime. I have made my child to the things that I could not do through you.  You have created a love shield on our children. You have cared for our children more than your own children. I hope that my child will meet with teachers with a heart full of love, who have a single goal to guide them to the good and nice one. She threads in Mrs. Saime’s footsteps, and she is talking with all the babies at home about you and applies what you are doing with them on the babies.

Dear Private Sun Preschool managers and teachers,
We are aware of that we have covered a huge distance as combined with your interest and self-devotion and our son’s endeavors to accomplish, although our son has been with you during one term. The sound foundation as provided by you will light the way for our son, Tolga, in his future education life.
We would like to thank you including the managers, teachers and servants and service employees and to pay our respects.
To Private Sun Preschool family,
Dear our teacher, Mrs. Saime,
First of all, I would like to convey my debt of gratitude for you. I cannot express how Mert loves you by writing on that paper. As my son is a shy and timid, he lives her love inside rather than to show it. I did not think that preschool education would be beneficial so much for Mert, but in time my son have begun to come home with the feeling of joy, pride and success of learning a new thing every day.
Thank all smiling personnel at your school.
I hope my son will have such a cozy home at every education center for his entire lifetime.

Dear Eurosun,
Everything was beautiful. What was important for us is that our child would be happy and peaceful. Şebnem has participated among you every morning with a brand new excitement and so enthusiastically for 1,5 year.
While we are leaving home to go to work, we have never had to worry. We have always known that s/he would spend a new day without us but to the fullest extent in an environment full of love.
We would like to thank all the Eurosun personnel and especially, our teacher Mrs. Hatice for all these.
Best Regards.

We have chosen the Euroson for their administrative staff, who applies innovative, contemporary and modern education and training program, adopts clean and intensive activity program, has a good teaching staff, and are so wholehearted and friendly.

So glad to have such a questionnaire…
because we have so many things to tell you..
Before speaking in detail about the issue, we would like to state that we really love our school as a family.
For us, a good preschool means a suitable environment full of love that understands and relieves the psychological breakdown caused by the first leave of our child from home. Fortunately, we have found it. Our child finds the environment at Eurosun that he does not even find at home, and cooperates and shares with his/her peers.
Despite being away from his/her parents, this school has taught him/her not to be timid and to experience the joy of freedom.
Now s/he can stand on his/her own feet in his/her own way, and s/he has begun to learn how to come to terms with his/her peers, how to protect and defend his/her rights, how to eat and put on dress, the talents s/he has, how to display his/her creativity and how to use his/her intelligence at Eurosun.

Of course, every thing that begins in such an environment full of love would achieve success in the end.
We, as E. Family, wish you continued success.


Dear special people of special Sun Family,
You have once again proven this with this very nice behavior of you. At first, I would like to thank you for your warm relationships, intimacy and your quality.
Of course, we have had some hesitations as with all other parents, when our son starts school this year. It was important for us that such an environment that he would first meet would remain as a nice and beautiful beginning on his mind that he could not forget for his entire lifetime and would prepare him for his future education life.

I would like to thank Mrs. Saime for her efforts to make him re-adapted to school at the return, although our son has occasionally taken some time off for private reasons.
I would like to convey many thanks to other teachers, workers and everyone looking at me with a smiling face each time I have rung the bell and particularly to Mrs. Sevda, Mrs. Handan and all nice people that I do not know their name for making us feel the beauty of their hearts.
This year, my son is going to graduate but my daughter is now standing in the queue. I do not intend to wait so much to bring her to you.
We will miss you. I hope your promise to drink a cup of coffee is valid all the time. See you.


To Mr. Serda and to those who contribute in Eurosun Pre-Schools;
I was impressed so much with the ultimate attention shown for 10th November.  Probably some activities were carried out in many educational institutions, but Eurosun did that with great awareness so I would like to thank thousands of times to the entire team and to those who contributed.  We should be aware of things that we are liable to remind them during this period where we assert great effort to provide the best education for our children under the best conditions. We expressed our school endless thanks while my 2.5 years old twins were trying to read a poem and say Ataturk.
I am happy that I chose your school and I am extremely comfortable knowing that my kids are in such an educational institution.



Dear Mr. Serda,
I thank you for making us experience this feeling on the 68th anniversary of Ataturk for myself and on behalf of all responsive friends.    I am once more happy and honored that I chose Eurosun pre-school. As a part of Ataturk youth I am honored to see that my child is raised in the same way.
I thank you and to all teacher friends who contribute.


What could I ask more..???
You provide everything that we expect from your school. I cannot find any other thing to add. You are holding so many various activities, I do not know what can be added more? I believe that my kid is receiving everything that s/he needs to receive for her/his age, indeed.
My kid turn back home happy, and most often, I have difficult times to get her/him from school. S/he is always telling good things fondly about his/her school. S/he loves everyone at his/her school… What could I ask more?
I feel lucky for I and my kid as my kid receive education at EUROSUN preschool.
My child is lucky because such a training and education has contributed fabulously to his/her primary school life. All the teachers appear to be secondary parents.. S/he is growing up in a nice, clean and healthy environment. 
S/he is learning the friendship and sharing. S/he is happy (at least) as much as at home.
I am lucky because I do not have to worry. I know that, for sure, they will care for her/him at least as good as my care for him from the very moment that I deliver him/her to school. They will teach him/her with such a patience and compassion that I cannot even show.
They will closely follow his/her fields of interest and development and inform me thereof. I will find the founder of the company at the end of the line, not a secretary. They do not leave any question marks on my mind.
Let me tell you a truth, I even sometimes wish to be in the shoes of my son.. Most particularly, during these hot days when the swimming trainings will soon begin…

I have intended to write this letter for a long time. Even I have said my spouse that I would write a thank-you letter, months ago, and it was meant to be today. We brought our son, Kubilay, with a great patience and efforts. As all parents, we have also done our best to facilitate his life until he become 3 years old, and we are going to do the same as long as we are going to live.  
I cannot express how glad I am, when I see and hear that you and the school you have founded contribute to our son with very important values. 
I wished to express this gladness of mine each time I read the programs and info’s that you have sent our homes.  As I said before, it was meant to be today.
I would like to thank you thousands of time for this family institution that you have founded, for the education programs that prepare our children for the life and for working such a valuable teachers and cozy-like humanity of you that is reflected to us.

Seeing the school building usually makes us think that we have learned all the things related to the school. However, unfortunately, the richness and warmness of the building colors at Eurosun are not enough to reflect the coziness and sincerity of the environment inside.
We have understood the joy of being at Eurosun over time. Not only our child has become a Eurosunian, but we have also become a part of the environment.
Is there anyone else surprised by that the whole Eurosun’s team is always dynamic, happy and cheerful at any time of the day? You can easily read the proper pride of doing their job in a best way on the faces of each team member. Such happiness is increasingly reflected upon our children right away.
And then, of course, it is reflected on us by our children…
From that very moment, Eurosun has become a part of us. I cannot think of a life without Eurosun for my child..
In addition to all these, your child is not the only one who receives education. At Eurosun, I, for my part, have remembered how important the little happiness is, that everything gains value with the warm human relationships and many more little but important things.
I believe that I have chosen the right one. Most importantly, however, my daughter believes in that much more than I do…


Dear school administrators, I would like to thank for the events that you make our children and us experience today. 
Happy Mothers’ Day for all the teachers and the parents.

Funda İnanlı ( 4 age - ilke )


Dear Eurosun Family,
I really do not know how to begin my words, how to Express my feelings and how to describe them and which phrases. Believe me I watch your Mother’s Day program in tears… I would like to thank you for making me, my family and my beloved friends, who did not leave us alone on that day, experience such a beautiful event.  I feel so and so lucky to experience such a day as a mother. Additionally, I was proud of all our children… It was awesome that they affect us so much with such movements considering their tiny bodies.  And, I shared the same point of view with my friends (who do not have their children in Eurosun) participated in that organization: A VERY AWESOME ORGANIZATION…
Although currently I have been full of emotions, I would like to thank you for making me and my family forget the sad events (as known by you, dear Serda) for a slight moment with such a beautiful day.  Many thanks to Mr. Serda, our teachers Mrs. Songul, Mrs. Arzu and Mrs. Duygu as well as Mr. Bora and all Eurosun personnel for their efforts, works and patience.  
May such a day be our worst day… To many beautiful days...
Sincerely.. Seda-İnanç Asparuk (5 age Zeynep)

P.S. You will create a nice archive, if everyone submits one of best photographs. Here, a few nice photos from me…
Hi Mr. Serda,

I was spectacular to watch the waltz by Ataberk and Çağla in the Mothers’ Day show on Friday…
His Grand-mother burst into tear throughout the show.
I am sure that Ataberk will prepare surprises for us during the year-end show.

Upbringing style during that period when Ataberk’s personality structure has been developed, the fundamental, life-long impact of the first teacher, to wish the best of everything for your sun…
This is why Eurosun and Mrs. Songul is a chance for us (Let’s not forget Mrs. Arzu)

Thanks Eurosun and their team for everything .

Best Regards...

Sibel & Orhan & Ataberk

Hi Mrs. Serda,
The organization that you held on Friday was really successful and nice. I would like to thank you for making us experience such a nice day with our children on Mothers’ day. I wish you all have nice working days.

At first, we would like to thank primarily you and Mrs. Sevda and all of your team for such a nice organization that you have held on Friday.

Everything was perfect.



Hi Mr. Serda,
As in the last year, the children were again awesome this year, thanks to your team, and you have achieved to move us to tears this year, as well. I would like to thank all your team with you.

I know every single minute of you is very valuable and I know you are busy but the special education class for autistic children at Seyrantepe Ataturk Primary School are excitedly and impatiently looking forward to your visit. And they know that every single minute you will spend for them is very precious for them.


As a result of an adventure that began 1,5 years ago, while saying “Let’s give a chance to this school”, we have found the second (if they are not the first one, from time to time???) family.
There are so many things that we share with Eurosun. We get to know the capabilities and interests of my son and guide him by making decisions together.  We seek for solutions for the daily problems with Uncle Serda and the teachers (and usually, we find the solution) His teacher shares her impressions and changes with us.
At the classification of “Who do you love the most?”, the answer of “Seyda and my teachers” ranks just after the parents and just before our Opel Corsa. We have become to sleep and wake up with them. For the problems that I cannot solve, I call them and apply to their ability of persuasion on the phone …
In the morning; I do not feel any hesitation or fear just for a moment, after leaving my son at the door to the school and waving at him… I think that they are a team, which is aware of that I left them a treasure and always looking for   novelties to guide this treasure properly and also, a self-developing team. Off the record, when I heard of, or see the water fights, exhibitions, visits, parties and pragmatic and educational activities that they hold a new one every day, I heave a sigh telling “if only I could participate in…” However, to be at Eurosun, the age limit needs to be 3, not 33… 

If you manage to fasten two buttons of your shirt, it means you will button up the rest properly.
I was not going to be with her during the period where Irem will complete 72% of her personal development and it was a must for us to send her to a school where she can complete this period in the best way possible.  It should have been such a place where she could get the education that will have a positive impact on her entire school life. But I will always be so comfortable since she will be spending important years of her personal development with you.
I thank you for everything on behalf of my family
I thank you for being a team questioning how to spend all your energy for our children in the best way possible and even for being a family.  I answer questions asking whether we are pleased with Irem`s school by saying THANKS TO ALLAH.
Thanks to Allah for allowing us to meet you and make the right choice.
Sincere regards
I am father of Selin Ilke. I am very pleased with the education you give. Congratulations. Have a nice day
I thank you for enabling us to experience such feelings on the 68th anniversary of Ataturk for myself and on behalf of all responsive friends.  I am happy and honored once more that I have chosen for Eurosun pre-school.  As a member of Ataturk youth I am honored to see that my child is raised in the same way. 
I thank you and all teacher friends for their efforts.
Dear Eurosun family, like every mother does, I was searching for the best for my child, but at the same time,  I was thinking that such excellence is not possible.  But we met you and now I know that you are the best.  How many lucky children are there who come home from school with their eyes shining.  And how many mothers are there to entrust the most precious ones to others with a great trust.  We are so happy because of you. Therefore, you became a part of our family and I am glad you did. Endless thanks.  I am glad you are there for us.

I spent the entire day in front of computer. I watched our children. How much self-giving efforts our teachers assert.. And not only for one day.  On bayram, Christmas, local products week… On every single important day, they ensure that it is spent in a festival environment.  When I brought kids, I noticed that no single detail was disregarded.  Excellency is hidden under details. I think our teachers deserve this compliment above and beyond everybody else.  I thank you all, for making very first year of my son worthy to remember.
Best Regards


Baran likes his school and his teachers very much and he always talks about them. Baran, who was not talking to anybody as recent as two months ago, is now very different, thanks.
Hello Eurosun family. Your activities for February are amazing again.  It was breath taking to read all.  What a pace, you are all wonderful.  Of course, I admit I am a little bit jealous.  It makes you want to go back to childhood.  I am very curious especially about pajamas party.  It would be very nice if you kept age limit higherJ Everybody around us notices positive changes in Tuana.  When we are asked, I am honored to tell them that my daughter is not only taken care of in Eurosun but she is also educated.  I thank you for making me and my daughter so happy.  I would like to thank especially to Emine teacher and Neslihan teacher.  I`m glad you are there for us.


Hi Mr. Serda,

Today, I have got the school newspaper, which I could not follow up online due to my illness. And now, I have read it all. You have so well described the Air Force Academy that I have broken into tears. One more time, I am proud of my daughter’s teachers, you as the school head and all the personnel. A preschool cannot be more conscious and more devoted than this. Believe me that you should feel comfortable about the education you deliver and you are a super quality team in all aspects, who duly perform this work, and I would like to thank you all on behalf of my daughter.
I am proud of being a part of this team together with you.
I have no doubt that when my daughter graduate from this school, she will leave the schools as a member of a brilliant generation differently brought up compared to their peers, who knows their general manners and customs, has a strong self-confidence and will express Ataturk’s principles in every word to their teacher, when they start studying at primary school (even with all their emotions. Cağla may not remember this stage of her life but no doubt, I will ensure that I will make her remember.
I would like to thank Mrs. Songul through you. I am so glad to meet such a dear friend. Dear Mrs. Songul, I thank you for the love, education and good manners she has provided for my daughter and for her kind and devoted attitude; I am so glad to have you. And I would like to thank Mrs. Arzu for her support to Mrs. Songul and her friendliness. I know this is a long letter but I am so full of emotions and so happy that I cannot get a grip on myself. Thank you all.

Mine Yildirim ( 5 age, Cağla’s Mother)